Some people follow a vegetarian only diet, which I followed for most of my life. My body has a hard time digesting meat, so I tend to go for salads and fish… along with ice-cream and don’t put custard in front of me…. it may disappear.  Did I mention caramel? I love caramel, in small doses anyway.   I have never been overweight…that is until I the age of 55 and a new marriage.

Now, as the chef of my family, my weight went up 15 lbs overnight on a tiny frame that has never seen a size over 4. Wearing high heels to camouflage it along with large sweaters and big hair; it had to go. My doctor said that it was “just my age” and that I was still within the limits of my frame and height but maybe on the high side of the BMI chart.

Weight Loss Program

So, being somewhat health conscious the “Diet” world loomed in the horizon, a world that I’ve never really had to venture into.

Starting with a juice diet that was not supervised by a book, a doctor or anything, although the concept of it was introduced by a very popular movie series called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, I ventured into this new world. The juice diet did seem to do wonders and I lasted on it for two weeks. Craving something hot and also wanting to chew was not an anticipated feeling. The 5 lbs. that I lost came right back when starting back on a normal diet. I have since learned that while the juice diet is good for you, is considered a short-term type of “fast”, and does not completely support your body with all of the nutrients that it needs. Getting back on a normal diet and eating hot foods that I could chew, put me right back at the weight that was not desirable.

A current popular diet is the Paleo Diet. This is also an anti-inflammatory diet which works for some.  I tried it for a little while and like many people I started with too much protein.  Later I learned that on this diet you should not focus on protein but balance the diet with vegetables and protein.  This

diet did help me with some digestive problems I was having and it also introduced me to farm grass-fed beef, which is abundant in the Asheville area. For some reason my body tolerated grass-fed beef over the conventional beef in the grocery stores.

The first true diet that I whole heartily plunged into was the “Bulletproof Diet”.  Dave Asprey has some wonderful technical information on his website blog and talks about  “hacking” the body and it’s functions. I enjoyed watching his podcasts while following the “Roadmap” that he publishes.  Drinking his coffee elixir is very important to this diet and believe me it is great coffee, however expensive. I drank a lot of coffee whipped with his special Brain Octaine MCT coconut oils and grassfed butter. Yummy.  The end result was that I did not lose any weight but overall digesting the high quality fats were something that I was starved for having denied myself any fat for years.  Eating enough good fats is now considered to be one of the most important health factors in overall body function.

The second “diet” that I jumped into completely and following it to the letter, was the Dr. Sara Gottfried “Hormone Reset” diet. After reading both her book The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet, I knew that this was one of my big issues.  This information is geared to women but many of the principals are applicable to men. The main focus is a 21-day elimination diet and taking away certain foods for 3 days and then all of the foods by 21 days. You then replace each food for three days. By doing so you can monitor the triggers of your own body. If you eat a certain food and have a reaction to it the food is probably not for you.  Sara has a great website and blog that is full of information. She also does webinars and has a very active community. I also liked that fact that she is a Doctor who has stepped out of her busy practice to share this information that she has gained with the general population by writing her books, conducting podcasts and bogging.

The first food that has to be eliminated on her diet is coffee or caffeine… I had just gotten even more addicted to the stuff in the first diet while enjoying a boatload of coffee each day. For me, giving up coffee was not as hard as I thought it would be because my body did not like it, though, the thought of giving it up was terrifying. It was easy to replace it with an herbal decaf tea in the morning or afternoon.  When I reintroduced coffee into my morning I could not sleep and had terrible reactions to the caffeine.   I learned that caffeine raises my cortisol, which in turn makes me crave sweets and also disrupts my sleep.

With Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset diet, 10 lbs. melted away.

Now is a new year and I still have 5 lbs. around my hips that should not be there. This quest for loosing weight has given me a lot of health information and I now realize that loosing weight is more complicated than ditching the bag of potato chips or weekly icecream.  The hormone diet worked for me but it still seemed like there was more that my body needed.

My Aunt, Martha Tate, recently told me about Dr. Junger’s book, The Clean Program. At first I was skeptical but  after reading the book I  became a convert. Dr. Junger’s diet premise (another elimination diet) is that mucus in our system is caused from inflammation. If we can follow his protocol for 21 days it helps our body to stop working so hard digesting and gives it the opportunity to eliminate mucus, which in turn will help to eliminate inflammation. It is common knowledge now that most illnesses come from inflammation in our bodies.  Food is a large trigger for this inflammation plus the world that we live in. I am now in my second week of this diet and my energy levels are getting better. I have lost some floaters that were in my eyes and feel calmer. It will be interesting to see how it goes and if these 5 lbs. will melt away in the next few weeks.


From Rebecca Word, Naturopathic Doctor

Blue Ridge Naturopathic Medicine

“No two of us are identical (even identical twins), and therefore, there is no “perfect’ diet for everyone.  Additionally, having said that, your ideal diet may change from season to season. Ever craved that fresh salad on a hot day, but turned up your nose at it in favor of a hearty soup on a dim winter’s eve?  Of course.

We are meant to live in sync with the world around us and that includes the foods we eat.

The use of strategic elimination diets can be an absolutely essential step in determining your individual BEST diet. There are lots of approaches to doing this, three of which are mentioned in Gina’s experiences.  Whatever your approach, the key is that the elimination, even if brief, is strict.  In many cases a few days will yield results.  In other cases a longer elimination may be called for to see differences, such as in cases of chronic skin issues.  No lab test will yield the same level of individual accuracy as elimination if done well.

But let’s say you’re a person who doesn’t like the concept of “no.”  Eliminations really turn some people off.  What if instead you look at wellness changes as an embrace of “yes?”  Say “yes” to more veg on your plate.  Say “yes” to more water.  Say “yes” to earlier bedtimes.  Say “yes” to more physical activity.  Say “yes” to trying a new workout class or hiking trail.  This may be the perfect direction for some.  However you choose to go about uncovering your personal best do it with support and an open heart full of love for…who else…your own beautiful self!”

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Credits: Gina Macfarland, Rebecca Word


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