A step aerobics session typically consists of sets of choreographed movements performed on a raised platform. The movements are usually accompanied by music and are designed to work the lower body, upper body and cardiovascular system. At Cheshire Fitness Club we use a plastic aerobic step with nonslip surfaces on the top.

Exercising with an aerobic step provides several fitness benefits that can help you in other sports and in daily life. Regular sessions will provide both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Incorporating both upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase leg strength.

Along with making you a better athlete, aerobic stepping will also benefit your overall health.

Step Combo Class

The intense cardiovascular workout will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The calorie burning aspect of the exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight, and avoid weight-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease and joint pain.

Step aerobics was developed by Gin Miller around 1989. After a knee injury, Gin consulted with an orthopedic doctor, who recommended she strengthen the muscles supporting the knee by stepping up and down on a milk crate and from this she developed the step regimen.

Common moves include:

  • Basic Step
  • Corner knee (or corner kick)
  • Repeater knee (aka Triple knee)
  • T-Step
  • Over-the-Top
  • Lunges
  • V-Step
  • Straddle Down
  • L-Step
  • Split Step
  • I-Step


We have several wonderful Step Classes to offer you at Cheshire Fitness Club. Join us on Thursday, February 23 for a special “Introduction to Step” at 8:30 a.m. taught by Mary Beth.


Our Step/Combo Class Instructor:


Mary Beth Tanner

I grew up dancing and have my Bachelors degree in Dance Education. I have taught classes at Cheshire Fitness for 7 years. I currently teach Step, Dancenergy, Sit to be Fit, and CSI. I try to incorporate fun into my workouts and I strive to get an overall toning in each class. I live in Black Mountain with my husband, my two sons, and our dog.









Credits: Livestrong.com, Wikipedia

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