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We offer cardiovascular and weight training equipment,  a sparkling, heated 75-foot indoor swimming pool, with a variety of water aerobic classes, and his/her locker rooms each outfitted with dry saunas and space to relax.

We offer a complete exercise environment in our Group Fitness Studio, with a wide variety of classes throughout the week.

Our Kid Zone provides free-to-family membership child care for up to 1 1/2 hours. Individual members or visitors can utilize the Kid Zone for $3 a session, per child (space available).

Our New Member Orientation Video Great info for our new members!

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Monthly Notices:

We are introducing a new class starting on Monday, March 5th. Ann Lutz will be teaching Tai Chi for Seniors from 1:30-2:30 PM. Come and learn Sun style Tai Chi for better balance, mental focus, strength, agility and fall prevention. This is a more upright Tai Chi form suitable for those with arthritis. You will learn 21 forms, warm up and cool down exercises. No intimidation in a fun and supportive environment. Dress comfortably in layers, and wear non-slip shoes preferably with ties.

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Our Community’s Comments

Cheshire Health and Fitness Club is a first rate facility. I have belonged to several gyms and health clubs over the years. I have even had my own gym at home. Without a doubt Cheshire is the best, friendliest, cleanest, and most professional.

They provide a safe atmosphere for everyone. The staff is there to serve and are very helpful. Cheshire maintains great equipment and their pool is always clean and warm. My wife especially loves the water aerobics. We are very pleased to belong to an awesome home town facility.

Steve and Melissa Pope

Since our move to Montreat two years ago we have dearly loved our association with the Cheshire Fitness Center. The facilities are beautiful; the equipment is superb; the staff is winsome and capable; the classes are challenging and enjoyable.

Obviously…the instructors are well qualified.

Come join us there. You will love it just as we do!

Trisha and Howard Edington
My wife and I have adjusted to retirement much better than expected.  A central part of this has been our membership in the Cheshire Fitness Club.

We all know the importance of exercise in order to remain healthy.  Participating in the many exercise classes especially yoga has been very rewarding.  The cleanliness and exercise equipment is beyond reproach.

The staff could not be more friendly or helpful.  An unexpected benefit are the friends we have made at Cheshire Fitness.

Mark & Margaret Soroken

I have been a “ Gym Rat “ for 50 years. I continued being a “ Rat “ at the Cheshire Fitness Center in Black Mountain, NC, when I moved from Memphis to Swannanoa. From Gold’s Gym with the “ animals “ to Cheshire with the “ exercise junkies off highway 9 “. I have found everything I need for an excellent workout, here, and you will too.

Childcare; Massages; Yoga Classes; Cardio Classes; Swimming Pool & Exercise Classes; Mountain Bicycle Classes; Weight Training Machines; Treadmills; Elliptical’s; and Free Weights. All of these activities and Personal Trainers, also.

Come and look around. You can get tours and explanations from a very knowledgeable staff. You’ll see what I mean. The friendly people, the activities, the facilities. Outstanding. There is something for all. After you come once, you will come back often, some coming most every day like I do.

To quote : “ Life is not learning how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain. “Come and learn how to dance “ like I have at Cheshire , and you will too!

When I go home everyday after a good 2 hour workout with my friends my day is complete.

Ron Gibson
What I like about the Fitness Center is EVERYTHING.  I have tried several fitness centers and this one is exceptional.

I never have to wait for equipment, parking is easy, staff is professional and friendly.  All of this is pretty basic, but this center goes far beyond the basics.  They offer classes in every thing you could ever think of related to fitness and health.  In addition, they invite speakers in routinely to keep us up to date on the latest  health improvement strategies.

The place is always busy but not crowded.  The clientele includes the total spectrum of ages, levels of fitness, etc.

In other words, I feel so very comfortable there and feel that I get more than my money’ worth.

Sue Pritchett
Cheshire Fitness Club absolutely fits the bill for me.  The equipment is in top notch shape, the entire facility is immaculately clean, the classes offered are varied and well instructed, and the staff is always friendly and very helpful.

I also really like the fact that the club attracts people from a broad variety of ages and levels of fitness….from young, buff, athletic types, to the overweight, out-of-shape and hopeful, and seniors of varying levels of fitness.  I appreciate the fact that Black Mountain has a fitness center of this caliber.

Mary Castiglione
In early October of 2015 I underwent double knee replacement surgery. For the last year the only exercise I could tolerate was water aerobics. At first I thought that the water class was just my way of enjoying exercise. In my first meeting with my surgeon he gave me several exercises I needed to be doing to prepare for rehabilitation.

To my surprise most all of the ones he wanted me to do I had already been doing in the aerobics class.  I was thrilled because that put me ahead of the game. After surgery I went to rehab for about 5 weeks. The most important thing for me was to strengthen my quads. Again, I was told to do certain exercises that I had already been working on.

I believe that the reason I was able to do my rehab so well (at least they told me so), was because I didn’t have to start from scratch. When I first came to Cheshire I had no idea what I was going to have to endure last year with this surgery.

However I am so thankful for the hours I have spent in the pool under excellent, knowledgeable and also entertaining instructors of water aerobics.

Bonnie Golden
I believe Cheshire Fitness Center offers an excellent gym at affordable prices.

The fees include the fitness center, pool and classes.  My wife has been to the spin classes and yoga classes and has thoroughly enjoyed them.

The gym has very good exercise equipment, including treadmill, elliptical machines, weight machines, and free weights.  I can confidently recommend Cheshire Fitness Center to anyone.

Norm Tacktill
Just a  note to let you know how much we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our experience at the club.  We have been members now for well over a year and have come to think of the club as our home away from home.

We are always amazed  at your ability to keep the equipment and the general overall facility as clean as you do,  but I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise since some one is always cleaning and running a sweeper.

Jan LOVES her classes and the instructors.  We have seen clubs where 1/2 the equipment  is inoperative,  BUT NOT the case with Cheshire.

I can’t remember every seeing any equipment that couldn’t be used.   Your staff is always friendly, courteous, and a joy to deal with,  I guess that pretty well covers it except to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Al & Jan Chubb
Cheshire Fitness club is the BEST fitness club I have ever belonged to. It is well equipped, well maintained, and it is spacious with a great pool and amenities.

Betty Shotton
I have been a member of many different kinds of fitness clubs in many different cities. Cheshire Fitness Club has set a standard that I think all others should follow. Their attention to detail related to cleanliness, equipment, amenities and services – like the sauna and smoothie bar – is top notch.

On any given day the gym is graced by a variety of abilities and age groups so you always feel welcome. Considering the pool, hot tub, sauna, equipment, and classes which range from gentle chair and yoga work, to high intensity cardio and strength training, there is something for everyone here. Most importantly though, Cheshire Fitness Club promotes a warm social atmosphere that builds relationships and adds valuable wellness to our community. Smiling faces will always greet you at the door, and the amazing instructors know how to challenge and motivate you to reach your goals all while smiling, dancing, and making jokes.

Cheshire Fitness Club is a gem!

Jamie Mollison
I’ve belonged to Cheshire Fitness for five years now and I must say it gets better every year! They continually add new equipment and have been updating the entire facility such as new lockers, new furniture in the lobby, resurfacing the pool, fantastic new spin bikes, new weights, to name a few.

The office staff is always warm and friendly, greeting everyone with a smile, and the Kid Zone has an impressive range of toys and activities for your little one’s enjoyment while you work out. Additionally, they have the best group of instructors teaching a wide variety of studio classes that I have ever seen… quite impressive for a gym this size in a small town!

Kathleen Miller
We in Black Mountain are so fortunate to have Cheshire Fitness in our town. I love swimming there and doing yoga.

It’s clean, professionally managed and super friendly. Stephanie even offered me a clean t-shirt when I had gone to swim and realized that I had forgotten to pack a shirt for afterwards!

Jackie Tatelman
The Cheshire Fitness Club is one of the real treasures in the Black Mountain community. It is a first class fitness facility which is providing for its members and visitors a very attractive place to exercise, work out, and achieve their health and fitness goals.

My wife was a charter member of the club and I joined her here later following years of membership, leadership, and active workouts at the YMCA of Asheville. The facilities at Cheshire offer all one would want for a well-rounded program of fitness. Cheshire is very well managed and maintained, and the staff has fostered a very welcoming atmosphere for all. I am truly grateful to have such an excellent place to exercise and work out.

Chuck Reiley
Training, for me, is primarily a psychological and spiritual exercise. The physical benefits are fantastic but my number one goal with training is just to keep my head screwed on straight.

Cheshire provides the perfect place for doing just that. The space is fantastic—high ceilings, big windows with lots of light and views of my beloved mountains; a wide assortment of equipment to cover everything from heavy lifting days to pure cardio; and a friendly, helpful and caring staff who will overlook when I blow up a medicine ball or clean up behind me when I drag mud in from a trail run.

Some people go to church. I go to the gym. Cheshire is my mountain chapel where I go to maintain and refine my body, mind and spirit.

Jeremy Mahon
When my husband and I moved to Black Mountain in 2006 we had both decided to take charge of our lives and get fit again. A neighbor had mentioned Cheshire so we joined and began with a personal trainer who eventually became one of our dearest friends, along with her husband.

Yes, we are now in the best shape of our lives but are now competing in triathlons while in our 60’s. We both feel so blessed to have had (and continue to have) the superb facilities at Cheshire at which to train – who could ask for more? Pool, machines, classes, bikes……and all included in the membership.

What we have gained the most is the friends we have made at Cheshire – some will be lifetime – and this includes the fabulous, knowledgeable and friendly staff. And, the owners work there and know all the members!

Everyone (staff and members) have enriched our lives and we feel so blessed to have such a facility in our small mountain town. A big thanks!!

Laura Walls
Cheshire fitness is one of the best gyms I have ever attended. Not only is the facility GORGEOUS, it is clean, has tons of equipment, an amazing indoor pool and a wide variety of classes with the most excellent instructors. The staff are knowledgeable and treat you like family.

I feel so blessed to have access to this awesome facility!

Hope Burk
I love Cheshire Fitness! I am so thankful that such a fabulous gym is located in Black Mountain. The owners really listen to the members and try to accommodate everyone’s needs. My kids love going to KidZone and it is nice for me to know they are in a safe environment while I get an awesome workout in.

The real showstopper at the gym is the trainers and instructors! They are top notch and always learning new ways to push us harder in class. My favorite class by far at the gym is spin, especially on the amazing new bikes. Totally took it up a level and I now feel like I am in a big city spin studio.

When I first joined the gym I was excited I no longer needed to drive to Asheville but not super excited about working out and could hardly run a 5k. Cheshire is such a great environment I now hate to miss a workout and now run marathons! The way I look at fitness and health has completely changed thanks to Cheshire, the staff and trainers!

Sunday Grant
My journey to wellness began at Cheshire Fitness Club. I was seriously over weight and had medical issues associates with being to heavy.

I was serious about making changes and my membership to Cheshire was the first step.

The staff at the gym was great. They knew about the changes I wanted to make and they always encouraged me.

With time, I started to loose weight and my health greatly improved. My membership at Cheshire helped to save my life. I am grateful.

Dolton Hill
The major reason my wife and I chose to make Black Mountain our permanent residence is the Cheshire Fitness Club. On a previous vacation from our home in Portland, Oregon, Marlene and I had discovered the facility and its uniqueness.

In contrast to the typical national chain of fitness cubs, the owners are local folk who attend the club themselves on a daily basis. The relationships we form with the personnel at the Club are not lost due to the frequent turnovers we have experienced at other facilities.

But, by far, the most unique thing about Cheshire is how the owners and staff are so sincerely inclusive. They encourage and facilitate participation from an unusually spectrum of people, regardless of age, race, religion or physical ability.

Marlene and I have never seen another program like this one.

Duane Kolilis and Marlene Tynan
I have been consistently coming to the Cheshire Fitness Club since June (6 months) 3-4 days per week. I gained 70 lbs during my pregnancy! Whew!

I am so thankful to Cheshire. they have wonderful child care and excellent classes as well as a warm aquatic room with a hot tub.

I’ve lost 75 lbs over the past year and am lighter and feel lighter than pre-pregnancy.

Grace Scarbrough
My favorite thing about Cheshire Fitness Club is the sense of community. When I go to the gym I see the same core group of people every day.

I don’t know many of them but we always say hi or nod to each other.

Al Milton
Having Cheshire Fitness Center in Black Mountain is a tremendous asset to the area. It has motivated me to workout and attempt to take better care of my health. It also provides  social opportunities to meet and get to know people in the community.

The staff offers a wide variety of programs and services and are available to answer questions. They are friendly and caring.

The facility is always clean and inviting. Again, I am glad the we have a place like Cheshire Fitness Center in our area.

Sonny Hargrove
When we moved to Black Mountain in the summer of 2011, we soon discovered the Cheshire Fitness Club.  We found a helpful staff who immediately welcomed us to their outstanding facility.

Classes are led by friendly, professional instructors who make the workouts fun.  Exercise equipment, from free weights to the machines are maintained for optimal fitness.  The staff makes every effort to provide a clean, attractive and hospitable environment for everyone.   We’ve made many new friends among both staff and members, and always look forward to our frequent visits to the club.

Bob and Sandy Massey
Five years ago we moved to Black Mountain. I had never been a member of a gym before because I loved to be outdoors and thought gyms seemed boring. Now here I am writing a testimonial of how much I love Cheshire Fitness Club!! Kind of ironic. What I love most at Cheshire are the classes. There is something for everyone from yoga to turbo kick to strength classes to salsa dancing and they are FUN !! The instructors are all so high energy, love what they do and make everyone feel so welcome and wanted.

There are classes every day of the week with such variety to meet all the different needs. I have gotten so much stronger from being in the classes and even had a long-time shoulder injury healed from the strength training classes. I look forward to the classes not only because they are great workouts but because of the relationships that have developed from meeting people in the classes. For those who do not care to do the classes there are so many options with all the machines and weights and the pool and jacuzzi. My kids learned to swim at the Cheshire pool! I appreciate the staff and the friendly people who work there. It is a caring environment. The people who work with the kids at Kidzone seem to really love children and they are always playing fun games with them both inside and outside.

We may be moving soon and I have already thought, How will I ever find a club like this again? I have gained so much from being a member at Cheshire and do not know if this will ever be duplicated. I am so thankful for the relationships I have made there and for all I have learned about fitness and for the health it has helped me maintain. Thank you to all the great instructors and people who work at Cheshire. You have definitely changed my whole attitude about gyms!

Lucy Conway
When I joined Cheshire the only thing I was interested in was improving my health and fitness. Today I see that Cheshire is so much more than just the gym where I work out. Cheshire is a great place to work out whether individually or in any of the many awesome classes they offer.

But it’s the staff and members who make it a cut above anywhere else. They treat you as though you aren’t just a member but are part of a family. I treasure the friendships I have developed with everyone there. It’s now such an integral part of my life I can’t imagine working out anywhere else.

Tony Burleson
A few years ago my wife and I moved from Atlanta to Black Mountain. We hoped to find a health club that was near our home and one that offered the amenities and fitness programs that we had in our Atlanta clubs.

Cheshire has everything we could have hoped for. The club is just a couple miles from our home. The facility is modern with the latest in weight and cardio equipment. What really stands out for use is the staff at Cheshire have made us feel right at home.

Andrew MacFarland
The Cheshire health and fitness facility along with the staff have been the motivating factor to Jim and me becoming healthier since our move here. We were being somewhat diligent in following our low cholesterol/low sugar diet before we moved here. Our daily exercise included working out and hiking regularly in Arizona.

However, since we joined Cheshire the first week here, we have maintained mostly, a schedule of working out three days a week and swimming three days a week.

Jim’s diabetic medicine has been cut in half and if he loses ten pounds, he may no longer be diabetic.

My latest blood test showed that my cholesterol level was 135 and the ultra sound on my carotid arteries showed that the plaque is disappearing. The regular exercise has made a dramatic difference to both of us.

The atmosphere at Cheshire is conductive to friendly and supportive workouts.

Joyce S. Parsons
My husband and I retired to Black Mountain almost 6 years ago.

I was really excited to find a gym that had such wonderful facilities in our little town. From the very first visit, the staff was friendly and welcoming and they have continued to welcome us each and every time we visit. I was shown how to use the machines and free weights and they set me up with a program. Any time I have a question a staff person is right there to answer and explain things.

Gradually I began to participate in fitness classes with instructors that really know their “stuff” both in the gym and the pool (I never thought before about trying water aerobics!!!!) I’ve attended several workshops – nutrition, osteoporosis and other health topics and I’ve learned lots about staying in shape and being healthy. Now I’m able to hike, have lots of energy and best of all I am able to keep up with my grandchildren.

Thanks Cheshire Fitness Club!!!!

Andrea DeWitt