IMG_4184-Edit We live just above Cheshire Fitness Club have anxiously waiting for these cooler days to turn into balmy calmer days and they have absolutely now arrived.  The climate the area is perfect for outings this time of year.

With the many festivals in Black Mountain, there are also several cafes with outside seating which make me especially happy that I live here. Friends who visit from Atlanta first comment is always, “The air is so clean and fresh!” How fortunate we are to live in an area which has great resources like clean air.

We are avid gardeners and have been very happy with the supply of local green houses.  While Mellie Macs, Painters Greenhouse, Ingle’s Garden Center and Tractor Supply are my personal favorites there are several more which are very close by to choose from. We have made many trips to Hipps Stone for rocks for stairs and borders.

Hiking and Biking areas are plentiful and one of the best ways to get your steps to 10,000 in a day (great for weight control)  is to take a quick hike. Walking around Lake Tomahawk a few times is always a treat.

I have set to a fitness schedule for this summer. Swimming at least 30 laps at Cheshire’s swimming pool keeps my normally low daily activity level working in front of a computer most of the day at a better overall pace. Taking a few classes is also a great way to feel like I could actually walk in public wearing a pair of  shorts. My husband exercises at least 4 times a week and prefers the weight training area as well as the stationary bikes in the fitness training area.

The spring and summer are great times to get outdoors. Cheshire Fitness is the best place to keep a routine of consistent daily exercising.






Credit: Gina Palermo MacFarland

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