Cheshire Health Club offers Tai Chi instruction.

Our instructor Roberto Vengoechea, has 20 years of experience teaching Tai Chi. His instructor was a Master in China who has been teaching in the USA for 40 years. After he moved to Black Mountain he accelerated his studies of the art.

He teaches Chuang Yang Family Style. This is one of the most recognized forms of Tai Chi all over the world.

Beginners Classes are every Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm
Advanced Classes are every Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm

TaiJi (Tai Chi) is primarily an ancient art approximately 2500 years old. It is said it means “great ultimate”.

TaiJi has four main prerequisites: slow, continuous, circular and relaxed; and two additional – soft and graceful.

Tai Chi is considered a moving meditation.  It helps bring peace of mind; it increases one’s vital force and promotes deep breathing and tones up the heart.

Taiji lowers blood pressure. It also magnetizes the iron in the red blood cells therefore producing greater oxygen absorption.

The object of Tai Chi is to develop Chi (Qi), a persons internal force which is a kind of bio electricity.

Similar to an acupuncturist or ancient Chinese medicines, when a body is imbalanced, it creates sickness or blockage of the chi. The acupuncturist seeks to correct the problem by unblocking the energy in the body by using either needles or manipulation.

With TaiJi, all of those blockages are released automatically by the creation of the internal force.

It has been proven that Tai Chi is effective in the relief of arthritis and other illness.

Qi magnetizes the iron in the red blood cells for producing greater oxygen absorption; it energizes metabolic processes in the body; it creates mental alertness and develops strength by electrifying stronger muscular contractions and improving coherency. One of the most highly evolved forms of Qigong is Tai-Chi correctly spelled TaiJi.

TaiJi greatly strengthens the legs, creating a firm root like a tree below but flexible and soft above.

TaiJi seeks to maintain the “pliability of an infant” well into advanced age.

TaiJi uses internal forces. The motion should be rooted in the feet, releases through the legs, controlled by the waist and manifested through the fingers.

Many reports and findings by leading universities have documented the benefits of TaiJi.

We invite you to visit the class to see if Tai Chi is a practice that you would like to incorporate into your fitness program.


Credits: Copy- Roberto Vengoechea

Photography: Gina Palermo MacFarland


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