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Business of the Month

 Throwing Bones for a Cure

After being an endurance athlete of questionable ability for 20+ years, Kenny was diagnosed with a blood cancer. Now, he wants to give back.

Run With Kenny

On April 1, 2018, he will start running from Jockey’s Ridge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and will run every day for 54 days for on the Mountains to Sea Trail until he reaches Clingman’s Dome on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Join Kenny in his run across the state to raise funds for the cure.

Kenny Capps

Throwing Bones for a Cure, Inc. was started January 2017 as a way to raise awareness for Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, currently without a cure. Throwing Bones’ mission is to improve quality of life for multiple myeloma patients by raising funds for research and treatment, encouraging patients to stay active after diagnosis, and assisting patients with short-term financial and logistical needs.

Kenny Capps was diagnosed with stage two Multiple Myeloma on January 15, 2015 and was forced to stop running that year due to a large bone lesion in his left hip. Prior to being diagnosed, Kenny was an ultramarathon runner (anything longer than 26.2 miles) and avid, if not extremely ordinary athlete. Kenny relied heavily on the generosity and kindness of friends and family to overcome the physical, medical, logistical and financial challenges of living with cancer.

In August 2015, after multiple rounds of chemotherapy and infusions, Kenny underwent a mostly successful bone marrow transplant. He did not achieve remission.

In 2016, Kenny participated in 16 running events, including 3 half-marathons and a tough 18 mile trail run with 5,000 feet of elevation gain. After reviewing the year, Kenny went to his wife, Murphy, and proposed running 1,175 miles across the state of North Carolina on the Mountains to Sea Trail in 2018 to raise awareness and funds for Myeloma. His wife is apparently as crazy as he is. She told him to go for it.

During 2017, Kenny trained and prepared for the long run and pulled other crazy people into this amazing and wonderful odyssey. Today Throwing Bones for a Cure, Inc. consists of a board of wonderful people and a group of followers that grows bigger by the day.